First steps

So, I’m going to get through a pretty big step today.  I will be going to the Gresham Chamber of Commerce and getting a checklist for everything I am going to need to get my business up and running.  The idea came from, believe it or not, a short consult at Office Depot.  If I work with the Chamber of Commerce, then my cost for services go down significantly!  Besides, their website lists other resources that I can tap into



Today I am starting on a better path.  I will make all my games that I can.  I will finally finish a good portion of my games and have them ready to sell.  There is much to do, limited time to do it, but this is the time for me to push through.  My card and exploration games are in need of the least refinement, so that is where I will concentrate my efforts.  I hope that you will all come along with me on this journey.

Making Headway

Yesterday I worked on my project roster for all the games that I am currently developing.  It’s really a large to do list, but it’s going to be very helpful in managing where I need to concentrate my efforts.  What I feel like I need to do is get to work making sure all my prototype data is at least updated for all my games.  I looked in on Goblin Prince and there were both gaps and redundancies that I didn’t catch earlier.  That got me thinking about Horror Villain, and making sure that things were simplified in the right ways.

Please, let me know if there are any games that you would like me to talk about in more detail.  I will be posting more pictures soon,  so don’t be shy!

Getting Started

Well, here goes nothing!

Hard to know how to start up something like this.  I’ve never neen especially good about blogging, but I’m going to do my best.

I am here to keep a journal of my journey through the worlds of business and game design.  I will be posting every day and hopefully I will share and read insights that will be helpful.  

The pictures I have here are the games I have made thst are the closest to complete.  Please let me know if you would like to know more!